Destratification fan DSF Continental Fan

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Room height: 15ft to 19ft
Airflow performance (cfm) : 420 cfm
$699 $728


Shipping delay: 2-3 weeks

DSF Destratification fans are designed to reduce hot and cold spots through the mixing of air in large spaces, resulting in significantly reduced energy costs and increased comfort. How does a DSF Destratification Fan help save energy and increase comfort? In order to answer that question, we must first characterize the challenges of heating and cooling buildings with high ceilings. Ideal for any building with ceilings 15′ or higher. Simple installation.

To determine the number of DSF fans for a given aera:

(length x width x height) = Size of room (ft³)

Size of room (ft³) / fan cfm you select / 60 = Number of units

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